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Promoting The Future

Here at EverythingGlobal, we recognise that our services impact the globe, in both good and bad ways. Read on to find out how our services influence the world and how we’re reducing our environmental impact by partnering with MoreTrees.


How our Company Values the Planet

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a call to action on, and a global framework to address, many of the pressing social and environmental issues facing us today. We are supportive of these goals and strive to continually contribute to the advancement of these targets. Our strategy is conditioned by the consumer, in our mission to expand our customers’ potential by utilising our innovative marketing solutions. One of the ways in which we are doing this is by making a positive impact in communities. A good starting point for us is our global community, planet Earth. It is critical that we attempt to make our operations more sustainable. We seek to manage our operations in a sustainable manner that considers our direct and indirect, and current and future, impacts on the planet. The use of natural resources is an inherent part of our business, and we strive to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our operations by managing these resources effectively. By working towards the implementation of a robust environmental management plan, we can create a better business, by means of a sustainable value chain that is well prepared, agile, and lower impact for the environment for both our customers and our businesses.

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Working Towards A Sustainable Future with More Trees

Managing our environmental impact is not only beneficial from a sustainability perspective and enhances our resilience to climate change, but it can also improve our operational performance and reduce costs. Whilst every effort is made to keep business operations sustainable, we recognise that we are contributing to an ever-growing global carbon footprint. To begin to negate our CO2 emissions, we have made a commitment to start planting trees in collaboration with MoreTrees. MoreTrees work with tree planting projects across the world, to bring you a variety of locations to support, with various co-benefits such as poverty alleviation, biodiversity, and community support. The projects that we will first and foremost be supporting are those in Madagascar, Kenya and Haiti. Offsetting carbon is not the only benefit of planting trees. They nourish our planet by cleaning the air, filtering water, regulating rainfall thus improving soil quality and in turn, wildlife habitats. Also, these projects provide work, improve crop yield, generate income sources, and help the local economy. As this is a new integration for us, we are committing to plant a tree every time a customer places an order that contains one of our eco products. To remain transparent, our stakeholders and customers can check in here to see our integrated dashboard and watch our virtual forest grow.

How Our Products and Marketing Solutions

Help People Every Day

Our products and marketing solutions are highly prevalent and encountered every day. For example, the travel mug that you take on the daily commute may be supplied by us. Or even the mouse mat that you have at your desk as you are reading this, will likely have come from EverythingBranded. When you are at your favourite international artist’s gig and you catch a signed guitar pick, that was probably supplied by us. When you are at home, drinking from your personalised mug, it may have been gifted via our retail site, EverythingPrinted. The advert you spot for a nice new summer dress, was likely to be created by our digital agency. That charity fun run you completed on the weekend and received a thank you t-shirt for, was probably ordered with us. The speakers you bought online were potentially fulfilled and delivered by EverythingFulfilment. That is to say, wherever you are, you are never far away from the influence of the EverythingFamily. Be it in England, Ireland, America, Spain, Canada or Australia. In fact, it is estimated that 81% of people will use or keep a promotional product for a year or longer.



EverythingGlobal Donates to NHS 767_600

Investing in Our Communities

“Without communities you have nothing, but with a community we have everything.”

A sentence that is the foundation of what we stand for at We appreciate that our business affects and is affected by, not only our employees, but those of our supply chain partners, as well as the communities in which we and our supply chain partners operate. As part of our business ethics, in a company built with positivity at the heart of its culture, our goal is to engage with and support the local communities where we work, live and source from. That is why we created EverythingCommunity, the charitable arm of the business, solely created with community in mind. We focus our philanthropic efforts on areas of need that may be overlooked within the community and on causes prioritised by our employees. In FY20, our humanitarian efforts also targeted organizations focused on COVID-19 relief such as the NHS. We and our employees are proud to support many charitable organizations nationally, including Bodie Hodges Foundation, NSPCC, Menphy’s Sports Club, Headway, and various prominent healthcare and medical-research charities.  Since 2018, we as a business have collectively provided £108,000 worth of support over the span of 180 projects. Our staff members contribute their time and efforts to various fundraising projects, and we allow for them to have an extra day’s holiday and contribute £50 to every cause to further help cultivate a giving work environment.